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Founded in 2020, Give Disaster Resources (Give) is an all-encompassing online experience that utilizes technology to provide users with innovative ways to give.  Through crowdfunding and relief item donations (coming soon!), Give allows donors to participate in the new age of donating.  

Our mission is to provide disaster relief and support to victims and communities, while utilizing technology to connect selfless donors throughout the nation to provide this support. 

Year after year in the United States and around the world, tragedy strikes in various forms.  While there are numerous organizations worldwide that assist in these incidents, there is often an uncertainty of how and where to donate. Give takes that uncertainty away by providing users with clear and simple ways to donate for the specific incident they wish to support in two innovative functions.

Crowdfunding - Give provides an online crowdfunding platform that raises and distributes funds  to victims and local communities impacted by disaster, in lieu of sorting through thousands of individual crowdfunding campaigns or donating to a charity that may use your funds for other organizational purposes.


Relief Item Donations - Give provides donors with a  web based platform to donate needed relief items.  These donations ensure the items you donate are items needed for the relief of the specific disaster, while also providing an alternative to monetary donations.  This function will be coming soon to our website!

Unlike other crowdfunding sites, we are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, and all donations and donated items are tax deductible.  Your donated funds are guaranteed to be distributed locally to the victims and communities of the campaign you choose.

Give Disaster Resources is a more than just a fundraising platform, it is a promise to provide survivors of tragic disaster hope and support.

Thank you for GIVING!

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