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What Makes Us Different

  • Local partnerships to ensure local disaster relief.
    When donating to large disaster relief organizations, the question that always arises is "Where is my donation actually going?" Often times, your donation is filtered through a large, corporate organization to cover high operating costs, and very little is distributed to the cause you had intended it for. With Give Disaster Resources, we take pride in ensuring your donation is distributed only to the specific disaster that you have chosen to donate to. Through our local partnerships, all donated items will go directly to the local survivors.
  • Efficient and effective donation strategies.
    When disaster strikes, it is our compassion that compels us to want to assist. Often times, our instincts to give lead to donating the wrong items that can strain disaster relief resources. Give Disaster Resources works with local organizations to educate them on efficient donation strategies and inventory management during and after a disaster. These strategies ensure your donation is the most impactful for effective and efficient disaster relief.
  • All donations are tax deductible.
    Give Disaster Resources is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Every donation to our mission is deductible on your annual taxes. After you donate, you will receive a receipt with the donation amount and our information for your records.
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