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Our mission is to drastically improve the efficiency of disaster relief by providing donors with innovative ways to give.

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Give Funds

We provide an online crowdfunding platform that launches specific campaigns and raises funds for local communities and victims impacted by disaster.

Donated funds will be distributed only to local communities for which the funds were raised.  There is no more need to worry about where your donation will go, as we ensure your donation is distributed to, and only to, the community it was intended.


All campaign donations are tax deductible due to our 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization status.


Give Supplies

Coming Soon!

Did you know approx. 50%-60% of donated goods after a disaster go to waste and create a burden on relief efforts?    

We are here to change that.  We are developing new and innovative ways to drastically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of disaster relief item donations. 

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About Our

Founded in 2020, Give Disaster Resources is an all-encompassing online experience that utilizes technology to provide users with innovative ways to give.  Through crowdfunding and relief item donations (coming soon!), Give allows donors to participate in the new age of donating.  

Unlike other crowdfunding sites, we are tax deductible nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to disaster relief.  Your donated funds are guaranteed to be distributed only to the impacted victims and local communities of the campaign you chose.

Give is a more than just a fundraising platform, Give is a promise to provide survivors of tragic disaster hope and support.

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